The biggest development around here has been the construction of a new studio building. Design began last year and work on the ground began with demolition of the existing structure in May 2016. It has been a long process from digging out the foundation to putting on the roof. With the help of a few talented friends we have done much of the work ourselves and are well on the way completion. I anticipate moving in and setting up shop this fall. I look forward to having visitors so if you are in the neighborhood give a shout and stop by!

In the last several years teaching has come to play a more important role in my practice and I am quite enthusiastic about it. I enjoy the experience and the process and it feels like a natural way to pay tribute to the influential teachers in my life. My 2017 teaching schedule has been quite busy and I am dialing in 2018 currently. If you have thought about taking a class from me, chances are there is one in your neighborhood soon. See details below. 



Creative Concepts in Kiln Forming

Bullseye Glass Resource Center
Mamaroneck, NY
February 10 - 13 

AAE Glass
Cape Coral, FL
February 24 - 27 

Bullseye Glass Resource Center
Los Angeles, CA
March 17 - 20

Bullseye Glass Resource Center
Santa Fe, NM
April 1 -4 

Bullseye Glass Resource Center
Portland, OR
September 8 - 11

Bullseye Glass Resource Center
Emeryville, CA
November 16 - 19 

Crash Course in Kiln Forming: Concept to Completion

Pittsburgh Glass Center
Pittsburgh, PA
July 17 - 21



Urban Glass
New York, NY
February 8 - March 30 2017

Opening night- February 8, 6 - 8 pm