I like to walk down unfamiliar streets and through neighborhoods I don't know. I wonder about the people as I wander, drawn in by the new things I find there- an iron staircase, a crooked chimney or a faded sign painted on a brick wall. My curiosity is piqued by the scent of what's cooking, splashes of graffiti, or an unfamiliar song heard in just a snippet.

I like to wander in my own city and neighborhood, eyeing familiar landmarks and then really seeing the house next door that I never noticed before.

Wherever I find myself, I am compelled to fill in the blanks and finish the stories of these places and their people, the lives of which I'll never quite know. At the same time I am searching for elements that resonate personally. I am looking for myself wherever I go.

This search is manifest in the artwork I make. Using both the man-made and the natural elements of the environment around me as raw materials I endeavor to create work infused with narrative. A new viewpoint that puts the factory tower on the church down the block, or seeing the graffiti on the boxcar via the puddle on the ground offers a different perspective. These altered views of the familiar are meant to act as agents of the narrative.

The reasons I am drawn to this subject matter remain obscured, taunting from my peripheral vision. I make things to try to understand why, but by using familiar elements of the places we inhabit as the symbols and imagery of my work it has the potential to resonate with others while simultaneously being quite personal.