Artist Statement

My artistic practice is rooted in the search to understand how I fit into this world and how my work can inspire the imagination of others.

I like to walk down unfamiliar streets and through neighborhoods I don't know. My curiosity is piqued by the different things I find there- splashes of graffiti, colorful facades and new rhythms of life.

I enjoy wandering my own neighborhood, eyeing familiar landmarks and then really seeing details on the house around the corner that I never noticed before.

Wherever I find myself, I am compelled to fill in the blanks and finish the stories of these places, and so I gather raw materials in the form of sketches, photographs and found objects as I roam. These become the subject of investigations aimed at separating elements that resonate from surrounding noise. Details are pushed and pulled into new perspectives. Distillation occurs through drawing, sculpting and experimentation. The goal is to isolate visual elements, then rejoin them in novel ways to form the vocabulary of my work and provide means for my exploration of the worlds we inhabit and those we build around (buildings) and within ourselves (beliefs).

I hope that by deriving my visual vocabulary from familiar elements of place it may resonate with others while simultaneously being quite personal. If I am successful, the narrative I create is compelling, yet incomplete, striking a balance between welcoming the viewer in and allowing them to find recognition and finish the story how they see fit.